Mission Statement

Saint Augustine Chapel is dedicated to the practice of the Roman Catholic faith according to pre-Vatican II standards. The Vatican II Church (Novus Ordo Sect) differs substantially in her teachings, her laws, and her liturgy from the Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII and his predecessors. These changes have brought devastation to countless souls.

Statement of Principles in a Time of Crisis -1984

Poor Souls Plenary Indulgences

1. Toties Quoties: On either All Souls Day or the following Sunday, not both, one enters a church, and recites 6 Our Fathers, 6 Hail Mary's and 6 Glory Be's for the intentions of the Holy See. The indulgence may be gained from noon of the preceding day to midnight of the day in question.

2. Visit to a cemetery: Each day from November 2nd through, and including, November 9th that one visits a cemetery, and says some prayers for the Poor Souls, e.g. a decade of the Rosary, as well as an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the intentions of the Holy See.